About the Journal

The Workshop

MODPROD is the annual workshop of the Center for Model-Based Cyber-Physical Product Development (MODPROD) hosted at Linköping University. The mission of the MODPROD center is to conduct front-line applied research in model-based product development addressing problems such as shorter life cycles, higher demands on flexibility and quality, and shorter time-to-market from product design to  production of finished products. This requires increased usage of software/hardware system modelling, life-cycle management, big-data analyses, machine learning and simulation technology for virtual prototyping and model-based strategic planning.

The MODPROD Center

The MODPROD Center were founded in 2007 by the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA) and the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) at Linköping University. It is nowadays an interdisciplinary research center with participating actors from academia and research from Sweden and whole Europe. See the center homepage for more information at www.modprod.se.