Model based design of Automated Vehicles


  • Richard Romano University of Leeds


This presentation will review close to 30 years of research using interactive simulation to design and test automated vehicles.  Over this period a range of software and modelling approaches were developed and tested and with each a set of lessons learned.  The range of techniques exploited focused on supporting rapidly recomposable models and simulations that could support software, hardware and user in the loop testing in a distributed simulation environment.  This began with simple Publish/Subscribe networks that supported testing of the US Automated Highway System in the early 1990s and later led to the development of the distributed causal modelling software SimCreator.  The lessons learned will be aligned with the modern challenges of testing automated vehicles, leveraging networking protocols and development environments such as DDS and ROS 2 and hopefully the presentation will encourage further development and enhancement of tools like Modelica to address the critical testing needs of automated vehicles.



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