Recent Advances in System Modelling and Simulation


  • Michael Winokur Holon Institute of Technology (HIT)
  • Avi Zaguri Airspan Networks


In order to make decisions in the field of systems engineering there are various tools and methods that help the system engineer build models, perform multiple simulations and analyze their results.
Although the above tools and methods have existed for several years, today system engineers are satisfied, in most cases, with modeling at the level of the various engineering disciplines using modeling and drawing tools that are independent of each other and often "skip" modeling at the overall level of system engineering. Systems engineers are satisfied quite a few times with drawing tools only. The Inconvenience of the systemic tools, relative to simple drawing tools, is a major factor in the situation described.
Leading companies developing modeling and simulation tools are aware of the problems. Recently, a generation of modeling and simulation tools are developing that enable overall integrated system modeling with an emphasis on machine human interface convenience.
In the presentation we will present the results of a comparative study carried out in the past year using new generation tools that use well-known and well-documented methods (do not reinvent the wheel). The results will be presented using two examples representing extreme challenges known as "test" cases among researchers on systems engineering methods and tools:
1. "Vehicle Impact Monitoring 360" - integrated system with high complexity resulting from the integration of highly complex sub-systems
2. "Smart array management of autonomous transport cars" - integrated system with high complexity resulting from multiple different sub-system sets with medium/low complexity
In the presentation we will describe the objectives of the study, the interesting characteristics of the studied examples, the findings (some of them surprising), lessons of the study that can help systems engineers active today in developing complex systems and continuing aims of the research.



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