• Book of Abstracts: 1st International Workshop on Functional Oxide (FOX) Materials, Linköping University, Sweden, October 1-2, 2015
    No. 1 (2015)

    Oxide semiconductors are an important part of the functional materials field. Technological accessibility (physical & chemical synthesis), diversity of geometrical shapes (bulk, films, nanostructures) and environmental stability combined with ambience sensitivity makes them promising materials for plenty of future applications. Among other, ZnO, Al2O3, GaO, NiO, TiOx, Gd2O3, Fe3O4 and graphene oxide are considered as materials for both active and passive components in many applications: transparent conductive coatings, gas sensors, biosensors, tomography markers, light emitters, thermoelectric materials, catalysts and many others. We expect the experts to present their latest results on fabrication, characterization and application of the oxide materials.

    Topics of the workshop are focused, but not limited to:

    Material Science

    • Synthesis and fabrication of FOX
    • Characterization of the structural, optical and electrical properties
    • QDs, 2D materials and nanocomposites of FOX


    • Gas and biosensors
    • Solar Cells
    • LEDs & LDs
    • Detectors
    • Nanoelectronics

    Editors: Volodymyr Khranovskyy and Rositza Yakimova

    Series: Linköping University Electronic Press Workshop and Conference Collection, 5 (2015)
    15 pages