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This is now already the fourth time that the TMAL02 Expert Conference has been held as a part of the Aircraft and Vehicle Design (TMAL02) course at Linköping University. This course is one of the primer courses within the International Aeronautical Master Programme (AER) which was established in 2013 at Linköping University.

To show, analyse and explain the broad spectrum of aeronautical engineering topics ranging from basic physical effects to operational aspects, from state-of-the-art designs to novel concepts, and all kind of engineering domains included within aeronautical product development from the first idea to the final flight testing campaign, requires a sound and as complete as possible background of the involved actors. Making use of a conference with presentations and the proceedings written from students for students is a very suitable way of exploring new fields by the students on their own.

The 4th Expert Conference is the first time the proceedings of the Expert Conference are being published. Like in any reviewed conference proceedings, the students went through a whole review process, acting on their colleagues as blind reviewers. Not an easy task beside all the other duties in the tight curriculum. But as the organizer it is a pleasure to see the enthusiasm and curiosity, the time spend for investigations, writing and the presentation preparation by the students. This year, two students (Harmen Punte and Machiel Overmars) even created a video presentation explaining the Coanda effect*. This and no less than seventeen other interesting topics can be found in this proceedings.

Enjoy reading this proceedings and stay curious!

Dr. Ingo Staack