Lift Generation of Forward Flying Helicopters/Rotors


  • Agustín Monzón
  • Balamurugan Gunasekar
  • Daniel Hernández
  • Sanjay Nambiar


helicopters, aerodynamics, lift


This paper gives a fundamental introduction to the lift generation in forward flying helicopters and rotors. The paper proceeds by introducing the concept of basic lift generation in helicopters and the role of blade orientation in lift generation. Then a brief description about a forward flight of helicopters with comparison to different rotor configurations are presented to understand the lift generation influenced by the different rotor configurations. Finally the paper discusses the complexity involved in the forward flight and possibly discuss some futuristic ideas to overcome these convolutions in lift generation of forward flying helicopters.




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Monzón A, Gunasekar B, Hernández D, Nambiar S. Lift Generation of Forward Flying Helicopters/Rotors. ExCon [Internet]. 2020 Jan. 20 [cited 2024 Jun. 14];8(4):17-9. Available from: