Aircraft-based Rocket Launch


  • Abhay Mahesh Hervatte
  • Anand Ashok Kaushik
  • Shubham Arvind Tupkar
  • Swetha Sappe Narasimhamuthy


rocket, aircraft, Virgin, Boeing, aerospace


Rocket launches are risky, expensive and statistically more likely to fail as compared to a conventional aircraft take-off. Additionally, a larger amount of energy is needed, primarily in the lower troposphere, to propel the rocket upwards[1].

It was theorized that if a rocket is launched above the earth’s troposphere, the amount of fuel and subsequently the size of the rocket would be reduced by a significant margin. This report aims to explore, and also provide a basic understanding on, the methods that are currently implemented in aircraft based rocket launching systems.




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Mahesh Hervatte A, Ashok Kaushik A, Arvind Tupkar S, Sappe Narasimhamuthy S. Aircraft-based Rocket Launch. ExCon [Internet]. 2020 Jan. 20 [cited 2024 Jun. 14];8(4):29-30. Available from: