Unconventional Take-off and Landing Methods


  • Wenli Kong
  • Mehmet Deniz Firat
  • Till Behler


Take-off, Landing, CATOBAR, STOBAR, VTOL, Water landing, Autonomous landing


The take-off and landing process is the challenge for an aircraft to start and end the actual flight successfully. It has always been invested a lot of research to make optimization for more comfort, safety, etc. Next to the conventional take-off and landing methods where the aircraft is started and landed at a long runaway by the execution of the pilot, there are – also because of the variety of applications of modern aircraft - a lot of other take-off and landing methods that are required due to the circumstances or even because of better appropriateness or given technology and design.

This paper gives a short overview of a few unconventional and modern take-off and landing techniques and presents them regarding application fields, potential and challenges and also focuses on future relevant aspects.




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