Vol. 2 No. 13 (2012): 13th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering September 10 - 14, 2012, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

The biennial PSE conference series is organized by the European Joint Committee on Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering.

With a continuously growing interest in the preceding PSE events, with more than 700 participants from all over the world, PSE is a well-established and leading forum in the field of plasma as well as ion- and particle-beam assisted surface modification and thin film technologies.

PSE provides an opportunity to present recent progress in research and development and industrial applications. Its topics span a wide range from fundamentals such as e.g. process modeling and simulation of plasmas or thin film physics, through empirical studies which e.g. establish the relationships between process parameters and the structural and functional properties of modified surfaces and/or thin films, towards the application in industrial production.

With numerous industrial exhibitors and an exceptionally large fraction of participants from industry, a special feature of PSE is the intimate and vivid interaction between those being involved in basic research and those who have to meet the rapidly increasing demands in industrial production.

Conference Chairman of the PSE 2012
Ulf Helmersson

To the Reader At the conference, the following published articles are non-refereed extended abstracts from a subset of the presentations. The role of the editors was to make an initial selections of submitted short abstracts only and do not take any responsibility for the correctness and/or scientific quality of the content of the published extended abstracts. 

Editors: Bradley, J.; Cavaleiro, A.; Czerwiec, Th.; Eklund, P.; Helmersson, U.; van der Kolk, G.J.; Möller, W.; Nielsen, L.; Oehr, C.; Tietema, R.; Vlcek, J.

Series: Linköping University Electronic Press Workshop and Conference Collection, 2 (2012)
490 pages

Published: 2013-03-04

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Session 2 - Films and Surfaces for Energy Conversion and Storage

Session 3 - Plasma and Ion Etching / Surface Cleaning

Session 4 - Physical Vapour Deposition I

Session 5 - Fundamentals of Surface Interaction and Thin Film Growth

Session 6 - Plasma Treatment of Polymers and Other Soft Matter

Session 7 - Physical Vapour Deposition II

Session 8 - Nanostructures and Nanoparticles

Session 9 - Plasma CVD and Plasma Polymerization

Session 10 - Tribological Coatings

Session 12 - HiPIMS I

Session 13 - Conductive and Catalytic Oxides

Session 14 - Plasma Diffusion Treatment

Session 15- HiPIMS II

Session 16 - Particles in Plasma

Session 17 - Bioactive Films and Surfaces I

Session 18 - Carbon-Based Thin Films

Session 19 - Corrosion Resistant and Barrier Coatings

Session 20 - Bioactive Films and Surfaces II

Session 22 - Plasma Diagnostics and Process Control

Session 25 - Plasma Processing in Liquids

Session 26 - Mechanical Film Properties

Poster: Films and surfaces for energy conversion and storage

Poster: Plasma and ion etching / surface cleaning

Poster: Physical vapour deposition

Poster: Plasma treatment of polymers and other soft matter

Poster: Nanostructures and nanoparticles

Poster: Plasma CVD and plasma polymerization

Poster: Tribological coatings

Poster: Atmospheric plasma processing, plasma spraying

Poster: Conductive and catalytic oxides

Poster: Plasma diffusion treatment

Poster: HIPIMS

Poster: Particles in plasmas

Poster: Bioactive films and surfaces

Poster: Carbon-based thin films

Poster: Corrosion-resistant and barrier coatings

Poster: Plasma diagnostics and process control

Poster: Multilayer and nanocomposite films

Poster: Mechanical film properties